Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015

So now that we're a couple of days into 2015, and I've had a chance to recover from a wonderful New Year spent in Newcastle with friends from uni, it's time to start looking forward to another year.

I'm a chronic procrastinator, especially when it comes to setting and achieving goals or making changes in my life, at its best, this results in waiting until Monday to go to the gym or start meal planning, at worst it means waiting for a new month (or even year) to start a new project or try something new (actually finding a project that involves using my sewing machine or starting a couch to 5k programme for example). This means that as much as I rationally know that there is absolutely no benefit to waiting for a specific day, which is really no different to any other, to start something new, taking January as a fresh start is an opportunity to set goals and actually start doing something about them which I can't afford to miss.

And so here I am, at 1am, writing a blog post, and telling myself that this year will be the year I'll stick with it - although why this year will be any different to the three or four times I've attempted in the past I'm not quite sure, but here goes nothing!

Resolutions/goals for 2015 will follow shortly - once I've figured out what they are!

Hannah-Rose x

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