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Five Fandom Fridays - Favourite Fictional Mums

Here we are again, only this time it's actually Friday and I'm following the correct prompt, I'm hoping for these to become a regular fixture so let me know if you like them!

Edit: It's now Sunday, this was meant to post itself on Friday afternoon but didn't...anyway, pretend it's still Friday and you haven't just wasted your whole weekend.

My Five Favourite Fictional Mums 
I actually really struggled when I sat down to write this, good mothers are amazingly scarce in fictional worlds it would seem. My head was filled with absent mother figures, evil mothers, or barely there mothers, but not the shining examples of motherhood I wanted to list.

Molly Weasley
Harry Potter

The obvious choice! This woman embodies the very spirit of being a mother, how could she not top the fave fictional mums list?! Mrs Weasley's heart is so big that she has more than enough motherly love for those who need it, regardless of whether or not they're a biological member of the Weasley clan, and she's badass enough to duel Bellatrix to protect her kids!

I'd certainly be proud to have Molly Weasley as my mum!

Miss Honey

While Roal Dahl's Matilda certainly has a case of the terrible mum in Mrs Wormwood, there is still hope, as Miss Honey comes into the picture. Even as a teacher, Miss Honey showed more love to Matilda than her entire family, and eventually gives Matilda the happy ending she deserved!

Lorelai Gilmore
Gilmore Girls

Lorelai may be an unconventional mother figure, but it works for her. Her relationship with Rory borders more on friendship than parenting at times, but one thing Lorelai certainly gets right is caring, and wanting the best for her daughter, and she is always willing to make sacrifices in her own life as a result of it.

Edna Turnblad

Another mum who, after a little initial well-intentioned resistance, is willing to go out of her way (and her comfort zone) to help her daughter pursue her dreams.

Narcissa Malfoy
Harry Potter

Controversial I know, but hear me out. Narcissa, throughout her limited exposure in what we know of the world of Harry Potter, has always been motivated by her love for Draco and her desire to protect him, no matter the cost. I mean, she certainly deserves some credit for outright lying to Voldermort about Harry being dead, in order to protect her own son.
Obviously the women has some questionable moral standpoints, but she's got some pretty serious love for her son going on there!

What do you think? Who else would make your list? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Hannah-Rose x

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