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Five Fandom Friday - Games I Love to Play

So I know that this was last Friday's Five Fandom Friday, and that it's not even Friday, but I didn't want to miss out on making a post about something that I'm pretty keen on, so throwing rules aside, here we go:

Five Games I Love to Play
I've focused only on table top games for this post, I've never really got into video/computer games, with the exception of The Sims, but I've found a wonderful group of friends at uni who have introduced me to the delights of card and board games over the last couple of years.

#1 Dixit

I first played this game just over a year and a half ago, with a group of people who had all played before, and fell in love instantly. It went straight on my Christmas list so I could own my own copy and has become a family favourite in a house that's not that keen on games!

The premise is simple enough to pick up without any lengthy explanations, and the artwork is seriously beautiful, and abstract enough that even when replaying with the same group of people things don't get samey or stagnant, although I am at the point of considering buying one of the expansion packs to add some new cards to my deck.

#2 Ligretto

A super super fast paced and quick card based game which I was introduced to by a Dutch friend, again pretty simple to explain, slightly harder to get the hang of. My family aren't quite competitive enough to enjoy this one but it always gets brought out at games nights with friends, often intended as a way to fill a gap between other games and ending up being played for a looong time!

Although each box contains a 2-4 person game, there are different sets which can be combined to play with 8 or even 12 players. We've never taken it past 8 though - that's more than enough chaos for us!

#3 Munchkin

Although I've actually not played in a while, Munchkin is a firm favourite. It was one of the first table top games I played that wasn't your usual Monopoly/Cluedo/insert generic family game here, and it completely captured me. The need for forming allies, backstabbing and spending a good portion of time giggling at some ridiculous cards makes it a great go-to game if you've got an hour or two to kill.

#4 Pandemic

I don't own a copy of this game, but have played it through with friends a couple of times, and have really enjoyed it every time. The thinking and strategising that goes into beating this cooperative game gives it an element of something a little different and earns it a spot on the list.

#5 Articulate

Because sometimes the well known classics are just what's needed. I love playing Articulate with a big group of people, be it family or friends or a combination of the two. The potential for comedy is just unreal, watching people panic as their teammates struggle to guess their words gets funnier as the game goes on, and then there's the universal dread of landing on the People or World categories.

So there's five games I love playing, if you've got any favourite table top games feel free to let me know as I'm keen to discover some new favourites!

Hannah-Rose x

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