Thursday, 2 April 2015

BEDA #2 - D2 Massive

I've been giving the queen of procrastination a run for her money today. I've been for coffee with an old school friend, spent ages going over old photos from first year (thinking about that Project Life album I intend to make) and have written a total of 136 words of my dissertation (reaching page 14 overall).

Going back over photos from Freshers Week really made me appreciate (waaaay more than I did at the time) how lucky I was when moving in to halls. 4 of the 5 girls I was randomly assigned to live with I became friends with very very quickly, along with one girl from upstairs, and we ended up living together for the following 2 years (until half of them graduated). So I thought it was only fair to show these girls some love...without further ado, D2 massive through the ages.

Our very first night out!
Later in 1st year

Obligatory Corp photo

2nd year and still going strong

Freshers #3 (not my photo - credit to Elouisa Georgiou)


And our last ever house night out...

I'm super super grateful to have met these girls and will always treasure the memories made with them (ew so soppy!!).

Hannah-Rose x

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